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Incorporating blocks to provide positive behavior supports

Working as a group to create lesson plans using the GELDS

How can we assist teachers in meeting the needs of dual language learners with challenging behaviors? Or are they challenging, because we don't understand the child?

Let us discuss various methods of providing positive behavior supports

‚ÄčWorking as a group to create a plan of Active Supervision for bus drivers and monitors.

Let us review the material and discuss,"What is the difference between time- out and positive behavior supports? Why is time- out not effective?"

I love when CDA students use graphic organizers when learning new concepts. #ErikErikson #PsychosocialDevelopment #ChildDevelopment

Share with the group the various uses of acorns and grass when developing language in early childhood classrooms #LanguageAcquisitionForAllLearners #DualLanguageLearners #LanguageAcquisitionIsAContinualExperience

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